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Welcome to my midi mapping the for the Akai APC40 page.

Before you download, please take a second to hit the like button!!

Here is the layout in by department (click to enlarge):

In order to use my midi translator file, you need several things first.
A: Midi yoke/ox, this splits your midi signal:
B: Bome's Midi Translator, this sends midi back to your board

If you do not know how to use these please visit this thread on

Finally, here is my translator file (right click, save as).

While bomes hasa mac version, I dont think midiox does, sorry. Maybe someone can email me and let me know if there is a different splitter that does have a mac version.

One last note, my midi translator file SHOULD work with the apc20 as well -- I think the buttons are the same and bomes should ignore the rules for the knobs and buttons that the 20 doesnt have. I havent tested this - its just a theory.

If youre super lazy and want to use my resolume midi map as well its here (right click, save as)

Email me any thoughts at


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