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Brand New Site!!

Its been a long time overdue!!
I started building a website several years ago, but other projects kept piling up.  So I kind of gave up.  Finally, after a crazy winter and a crazier spring, I found the time to build my own little home on the web!  It could use some adjustments here and there but its good enough now to represent the Cozer Circus.

Videos released!!
Along with getting my website done I also found the time to polish off a few video projects that were mounting up.  After a month of hard drive issues I was able to release a video for Anthony Ross’ track “Voyeur”.  The first showing went amazing and soon it will be on the cyber shelves of itunes and

I also finished off a video tag that I’m super proud of.   Thanks to the grayscale gorilla for helping me with lighting and ambience.  Right now you can view it on my site or on my facebook page.  It should be up on Creator sooner than later.

On a Personal Note
I’m getting hitched!! I take the plunge on July 8th in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!  Afterwards the bride and I are taking of for Europe for 19 days of wine cheese and trouble-making.  We start off the trip with 2 days of Ibiza where I might be playing a show. 

When we get back I might be heading out on a two week tour ooooh exciting stuff – More to come!!


Pillow 2
:31 Las Vegas
Robot Cage
:60 3d Land
0:07 Online
Show footage
1:44 World
Star Killers Tag
2:25 Online
0:07 Online
Erik Morillo Part 2
4:16 TAO Las Vegas
Eric Morillo Part 1
5:54 TAO Las Vegas
Frostbite 6
0:58 Denver Colorado
Vj Cozer VS Anthony Ross
4:14 Voyeur SD
Cozer Demo 09
4:05 online
Cozer vs Dirty South
3:45 Phazing NYE
Cozer Vs Stanton Warriors
4:23 Ultra Miami
Cozer vs Bassnectar
2:05 Ultra Miami
Cozer vs Crystal Method
1:06 SD Gaslamp Fest
Creator TV
1:11 Online

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